Tuesday, 11 November 2008

You cannot be serious

You see, someone out there doesn’t actually understand the momentous, earth-shaking magnitude of the expansion patch that is about to hit Wowland.

Like everyone else, the Lich King Fidgets have now reached such a level that I’m doing a pretty reasonable impression of Michael Jackson in his video Thriller. I can barely sit still.

We’re all geared up, wound up and ready to go. So …. I thought I’d just check and make sure that the order we’d placed with Amazon was all hunky dory and would be landing on our doormat pronto.

We were shocked. Amazed. Gutted. Our order, we were told, would be dispatched on November 17.

November 17!! Don’t they understand what’s going on here?

Panic broke out in the ranks and our cat Scooter ran for cover.

An online check revealed that a store a few miles down the road from our home would be open at midnight and selling Lich King.

So the online order is cancelled and we have rubbed down our epic mount ready to charge off into the night on Wednesday to grab our booty. Phew.


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