Thursday, 13 November 2008

Aspect of the Wait

So there I am in the queue - well a sort of late-night gaggle of Wowheads really - waiting for the clock to chime midnight when we all turn into Lich Kings.

Then the man in the store who's mildly amused at this sudden gathering says:

"Your here for the game?"


"Hmm, well we've only got 16 copies."

16? 16?!!

"You gotta be kidding."


I count 20 in the queue and there's still 15 minutes to midnight (sounds like a good song title to me) and people still joining.


I try and count those in front of me. It looks like 13 maybe 14. Good grief form an orderly line here.


If I came as my druid I could root one just to make sure, maybe even try and sleep the guy that looks halfway there already.

But I'm a hunter so do I use frost trap or freezing trap? Depends if I just need to snare one or slow a whole bunch of em down.

Eventually, with much ceremony, a guy arrives with a red plastic box and starts handing out the games.


Whew, close call. There's some upset-looking guys at the back there.

Hope they're not shammies otherwise there's some chain lightning going round.


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