Monday, 3 November 2008

Web of intrigue in BG

So we’ve got a nice little action rolling guarding the flag in WSG. Me, my pet, a rogue and a druid healer.

Some hordies keep coming – but they are returned to their graveyard on a regular basis. Eventually they get fed up and most of them turn up.

We call in reinforcements. It’s a horde blitz, but well thought out. There’s locks and mages and a warrior to spring and clear the trap and while the fight rages the Sneaky One – aka rogue – drops off the balcony, sprints in grabs the flag and ……

..quickly goes nowhere. Why?

Well I have the Pet of Pets for such a situation and I’ve anticipated the moment.

Incywincy was held back from the raging fray then put on the flag man.

/cast web

And there you have one frustrated rogue. Four seconds may not seem a long time, but when you’re standing there like a muppet waving a big blue flag you shouldn’t really have, four seconds is a lifetime.

Well a deathtime actually.

He gets burned down megafast.


I guess spiders post-patch still haven’t been seen much in BGs yet judging by the ‘rofls’ and ‘awesome’ that went up in BG chat and whispers.


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