Monday, 24 November 2008

Is this the end of the line for MM hunters?

I HAVE not rushed into this blog, because I wanted to make sure I hadn’t got things wrong. Now I post and it seems that Blizz has finally achieved an apparent goal: to kill off MM hunters as a viable PVE spec.

Since day one, which would be about three years ago, I have run Draigg as MM spec. It’s the one I have enjoyed and I have levelled him from the early days in Teldresil up to 60, run the instances and then when the Burning Crusade expansion came out I took him to 70.

On the way he had acquitted himself admirably in instances, both normal and heroic, and been a King in Kara. He has the gear to prove it.

So along comes Lich King. Don’t get me wrong, I love the content, the quests, the graphics, but for MM it is an absolute pain in the butt. It would seem that if you’re going to enjoy the content as a hunter, Blizz is driving them all into BM spec.

The aggro levels have clearly been ramped up. You only have to compare how we dealt with the level 70 mobs on the Isle of Quel Denas with, say, the rampaging level 68 pseudo Vikings in the Borean Tundra and Howlin Fjord. The latter are hitting harder and are harder to kill.

That’s fine too. After all we don’t want to cream through the game content. That would be no fun, but the maths for MM hunters has gone down the toilet.

Me and my cat Bukowski are now having a hard - and to be frank - not very enjoyable time. Before I even use any heavyweight shots – arcane, steady or chimera – the cat is dropping aggro as early as the second auto shot in some cases.

The situation has been exacerbated because Blizz took away my ‘get out of jail’ card, the scatter shot, which was moved deep into the survival tree when the talents were rearranged.

So I’m constantly ending up with mobs in my grill. Yes you can try and back off with wing clip – but in many cases such is the mobs set-up that you finding yourself backing into another one behind you.

The level of skill required to manipulate your aggro, shot rotation, pet and avoidance tactics has gone completely out of the window. The mobs are just in your face, all the time. It’s just no fun. It’s exasperating.

Go BM you say? Well I don’t fancy it. I’m going to upset some folk here, but frankly I don’t think you need much skill to be BM. Your pet glues the mob to itself and you just stand there pew-pewing away without any problems.


MM was always a much more skilful class to use ‘in the field’, but now it is just ridiculous. Oh and yes, I do know what I’m talking about. I have a BM char, Scrumpy, who I’ve taken to level 40. It’s a walk in the park.

So what to do? Well I’m going to have to suck in hard, stable the much-loved cat and pick up a tanky animal – probably an arctic bear to go with the cub Blizz so kindly gave us all a the weekend – and see if there’s any improvement.

It's not a perfect answer, I love my dps pets. So watch this space.


Esdras said...

Sorry to sound a bit harsh but good.

The reson you go BM is so that the pet does a lot of the work IE tanking and good dps.

You cant surely think that as a MM hunter the pet should still keep aggro?

MM is a PVE spec but a raid.instance PVE spec where there will be a tank there to hold aggro.

Having a pet that can hold aggro while you nuke as MM is a bit OP to be honest.

Captain The First said...

Hehe don't listen to the nay-sayers... just research your pets.

There's a decent amount of pets out there with some snap aggro mechanics.

The gorilla for example has a nice thunderstomp-ish aoe that's great for generating snap aggro.

There's a few other examples but if you can find something with an aggro ability on a short cooldown you should be ok even as MM.

It'll be a bit of a struggle still but if you want to stick to MM pet choice will be very important

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

You cant surely think that as a MM hunter the pet should still keep aggro?

Why the bloody hell shouldn't it? That's why it exists.

Anonymous said...

wotlk also brought pet talents such as charge even for cats, and with the new disengage, readiness, etc you shouldn't have much trouble keeping back and nuking while your pet keeps them occupied...

aspect of the hawk, mark them,
serpent sting, concussive, steady, chimera, aimed, arcane. maybe throw in a few auto shots in there..
Aspect of the viper on the way to the next mob.
rinse & repeat...