Thursday, 6 November 2008

Pet that stopped 'em in their tracks

NEVER have I trained a pet that has attracted so much attention. Forget your devilsaurs, core hounds and goriladins, this one saw me collecting dozens of whispers in the streets of Stormwind and the murky halls of Ironforge last night.

Not just from other hunters either, but rogues, locks, warriors. They all chucked out single lines like: ‘awesome pet’ or engaged in a running dialogue asking what it was and where I had got it from.

While beta and the patch threw many new pets into the spotlight, yesterday’s patch saw another one creep in under the radar without any sort of fanfare.

It is the Shattered Hand Warhound. As soon as I heard about it on the grapevine I grabbed a band of merry men and off we went to Shattered Halls Heroic - me, Malachita, Flashgordon, Mothra and Milock.

We creamed our way through to the first dog handler – and then wiped while I was trying to tame the hound.


After repeating this twice more someone asked if these were the right dogs, I did a check and realised these were Rabid Warhounds, were untammable and the ones I wanted were in Ramparts.


Fortunately the guildies I mix with have a great sense of humour and they did manage to see the funny side of me standing there like a lemon chucking hearts at a dog and being two-shotted by it.

We eventually got the right animal and so I introduce you to Spartacus.

One rogue in SW thought it was cool that I’d managed somehow to train a horde mount!


Darraxus said...

OHHHHHHH. Im gonna have to go grab one on my 59 hunter!

LarĂ­sa said...

it really looks lovely! I hope he bites well too... but in this case I guess coolness is more important than effectiveness?