Monday, 17 November 2008

The coolest Wow ride and ninja mania

This has just got to be the coolest ride in the whole of Wow – surfing across Howling Fjord on the shaft of a blazing harpoon.

So how have you found Lich King so far? I confess to degrees of both sheer joy and huge frustration. Guild needs means my druid Cadmus really has to be the first I level, but I’m still having a run with Draigg.

And I confess that even though having been MM spec since I first started with my elf hunter I’m having some serious doubts about his levelling ability for the first time ever, which is massively disappointing – but more of that in a subsequent post.

The game and quest content of LK is streets ahead of anything that TBC delivered, but ….

..the ninja rate has been staggering and deeply frustrating. Here's two of many occasions:

1: Standing on a box needed for a quest fighting the two mobs and someone loots the box from under you.

2: You start picking a herb, someone is watching, you get attacked by a mob, fight and they dart in and pick it.

In recent days I have seen the greed, selfishness and avarice of the human race plummet the depths and I confess at one stage I just logged off out of pure frustration.

Sure it’ll all settle down as the game and chars begin to spread out, but frankly it wasn’t nice to see such mean-spiritedness invade the virtual world.

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