Monday, 29 December 2008

Still more partying to be done

My admiration goes out to all those Wow bloggers who have gamely continued filing stuff through the Christmas holiday season.

Do I feel suitably ashamed? Well not really.

After all I spent three Wow-free days through Christmas in a 12th century Welsh castle having the time of my life and eating at banquets of epic proportions plus spending Boxing Day on a crisp, sunny day out in my beloved Welsh mountains.


Last night our guild had our first serious crack at 10-man Naxx and took the first two bosses down in the spider wing. There was much celebration and joy, but of course there is more partying to come – in Real Life – as new year looms.

Got to keep things in proportion, what.

Meanwhile I trust 2009 will bring you all that you hope for both in Wowland and further afield or, to put it another way ....

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda


Esdras said...

I have a few beers over christmas but am on call so cant get to bad.

The origainal plan was to have no alcohol for being on call but you know us Scottish so i had to have a couple to celebrate haha

Drazmor said...

Im not really bothered., since I was obviously busy on xmas and boxing day, and after that I went snowboarding.

Canadian Winter ftw!