Friday, 12 December 2008

I didn't mean to kill a penguin

Honestly. It’s true, I didn’t mean to – but I sort of did.

I was on a fishing expedition which meant flying out to the Frozen Sea because I was after a school of Monster Belly Fish to close in on the Northrend fishing achievement.

So I landed on this iceberg way off the coast of the Borean Tundra where I’d spotted a school. Surrounded by raffish looking penguins, I duly caught my fish and then the ‘thinks’ alert came on.

Are penguins part of the Love a Pet achievement?

Maybe there are, so let’s do it.

Unfortunately I sort of hit wrong buttons and it died with a squeak..

I swear those other penguins suddenly looked at me in a mournful fashion, as if I wasn’t feeling guilty already.


1 comment:

Larísa said...

Oh how sad! Loving a creature to death like that. Even though it was a pure accident....

Maybe you can make up for it, I'm sure there are some cute-animal-friendly dailies out there. Isn't there one where you're helping some sealions or whatever to find a partner?