Thursday, 4 December 2008

Pets that don't do fighting

I love the companion pets that are randomly sprinkled through Wow. My favourite is still Egbert, though. The manic little hatchling with bits of the egg still attached to him.

He once famously wiped a Kara raid when suddenly charging off on one of his pattering runs and pulling the whole stable.


Then there’s the netherwing fry you can pick up when attaining exalted with the Sha’tari Skyguard, though it was the cross I was particularly after for my drood – the pet was a bonus buy.

However, I’m not that into these pets that I’m chasing the achievement of stacking 50 away just to pick up a skunk. A lot of folk are, though, which has been a nice little earner for my mage, Frazzle, who is an engineer.

Mechanical squirrels which once went for 50 silver – if at all – have been fetching 18g and the mechanical yetis around 200g. At last, profit from nuts and bolts.

So what is there in Northrend? Yup, the penguin when you get exalted with the walrus folk. The reason I’m chasing that rep though is to pick up the epic fishing rod, again on my drood.

He once famously tanked the first couple of mobs in Kara with his fishing rod. The guild have never let me forget it so if my absent mindedness is going to see me fall into that trap again I might as well have an epic rod.


Part of the daily rep chase is in Dragonblight, but one guildy last night pointed out exactly what this quest involved.

Killing a mum in front of her kids, nicking the kids and flogging them to some strange bloke in a fishing village.

When put like that, it raised a few eyebrows!

After a moments hesitation I realised we were saving the cubs from a fate worse than death, so carried on with my plundering.

After all there’s a penguin – er, fishing rod – at the end of this rainbow.

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