Monday, 1 December 2008

Imba Death Knight hunter

I know, I know. This is supposed to be a hunter blog, but every man and his murloc has rolled a Death Knight, right?

Of course I’m right ‘cos I saw some figures bouncing around somewhere that said there were already more DKs in the whole of Wow than any other class. Well it doesn’t take rocket science to work that out.


So are we enjoying ourselves? Well the DK makes a nice side dish to our main-char course. The entrée quests are great fun apart from my one noobish moment.

You want to know about it? Hmm.

Well there’s that bit where you have to fly on a dragon over a battlefield and kill 150 scarlet wotsists (who just happened to be elites). Guess which muppet didn’t read the quest properly and went galloping into the field on his bright new shiny charger to engage them in hand-to-hand combat.

Very messy.

Anyway these guys are imba. He’s running around in Hellfire and taking on the boars three at a time when he’s level 59. It’s insane. Remember going there with your main char for the first time and cursing the boars because they kept ganking you big style?

I forgot to visit the trainer. I forgot a handful of talent points and still he was pounding the mobs. Maybe there’s a nerf in the air once Blizz is happy we’ve satisfied our appetite and finished running around like headless chickens without a clue about proper talent tree structures.

By then those serious DK players will have filtered through to the ‘proper’ part of the game, running instances, raids et al.

Meanwhile I think I might spec mine unholy. I want one of those ghouls with flailing arms running around with me.

Bit like a hunter with a pet really.


thrashalot said...

This sounds so familiar, I rolled a DK too, currently parked in Hellfire at level 59.

I knew there was a reason I specced unholy. I just like to have my "companion" by my side! ;)

Well, plenty of work to be done on the hunter before I even think about getting the DK to Northrend.

Have fun taking it slow, I know I am enjoying the ride that way.

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

*is a hunter*

*hasn't rolled a DK, unless you count the one I made on Beta*


Wilson said...

I guess you are right, we all have our DK, but really didn't know there are more DKs than any other class, interesting.