Monday, 15 December 2008

Fashion disaster

The bloggers of WowLand have been asked what they think about the fashions that have emerged from the French house of La Lich King.

Some players probably aren’t fussed what the gear looks like as long as it delivers the stats, but I have a sneaking suspicion that most of us preen and posture in our clothes.

I have to say that the clothies stuff looks a tad on the dowdy side, but you’ll find Larisa gives a view on that one at pinkpigtailinn

That apart, most of it seems to be brown with the odd walrus tooth stuck in various places. I know a fashion conscious warrior who was very was upset when the Ruby Vest she got had no red in it whatsoever. Not even a bit of rust. Just a sort of greyish black colour.

Anyways where I do have an issue on the clothing front is with the Death Knights.

This dark, brooding races emerges into Outlands in fantastic gear after completing the starter quests.

Its black with hues of blue humming through it all set off wonderfully by the runic spell on your sword.

Then you start questing in BC, gear drops and what happens – a fashion disaster!

Blizz have seriously screwed up. Suddenly at level 64 my DK Eiger is running around in off-gold boots and green shoulders.

He’s gone from mean and moody to Disney-world cartoon character. Massively disappointing.


Meanwhile our guild took five DK’s ranging from 60 to 63 and a variety of specs (though one had to nip off and respec to tank for the final boss) on a Ramparts run. It was a hoot.

We had a couple of wipes, but sporadic deaths were a problem. No-one to rez. Someone’s going to have to learn engineering so we get goblin jumper cables. We ended up taking one boss down when we all died, but two of us rezzed as ghouls and bit him to death.


Our plan is to have a DK 10-man and run Kara.

Now that should be a barrel load of fun – and that’s what we’re here for I believe.


LarĂ­sa said...

Oh I haven't spent a single minute in Outlands since the realease of the expansion, I just realized. I haven't been in a landscape where I imagine there are DKs all over the place. But now that you say it - they must look pretty stupid in the outland gear, it doesn't fit. Luckily enough it's for quite a short while though - I guess that you exchange your outland gear pretty quickly in Northrend since the DKs never have geared up in endgame at 70 So all in all a short pain to endure.

Drazmor said...

Most of the plate shoulders look EXACLY THE SAME! Even when you get to lvl 80 epics!

I think Blizzard is apologizing to the DKs in Northrend, because half the gear i get seems to be DKish.