Thursday, 2 April 2009

BRK and the unloved hunter

Draigg has been getting a tad ticked off. He’s always been a laid-back sort of hunter. He and Bukowski lope along knocking off quests here and there, pop into the occasional battleground and spend some time ticking off the daily cooking quests in Dalaran.

But now he’s upset. He dropped me this ingame note:

“Listen dude, we need to talk and talk urgently. Me and the cat are feeling deeply unloved just now and seeing how BRK has now bust the door off its hinges on relationship issues we feel its time to make a point. Meet me at the Dolanar inn where our relationship really began to kick off way back when I was a level 6 – Draigg.”

The subsequent meeting was difficult and some of the home-truths one-shotted me.

Kk Draigg, what seems to be the problem here?

Check your box, top left of the screen, and tell me what level I am

Err ….76.

And how many bars am I off 77

Er …. Most of them

Right. What level is your drood Cadmus?

Um ….80

Good, good …. And what level is that short-arsed gnome mage Frazzle?

Um … he’s 80 as well

Excellent. You’re getting a hatful of right answers here buddy.

Bukowski at that point stretched and yowled as frostsabers do and I realised what BIG teeth they have.

I hear Frazz is packing some good gear now, been running Naxx heroic, been respecced arcane, doin’ a ton of damage. In general getting a lot of love and attention out there.

Err, sort of

And hasn’t Caddy been tanking heroic instances after some nice gear upgrades?

Yup, yup – awesome 37HP, 34 armour, man he’s a big bad bear …..

And I’m supposed to feel great about that? Tell me this. Who was your first char when you entered the wonderful world of Wow? Who started off as a level 1 in Teldrassil when you didn’t even know Dolanar existed never mind Darnassus? Who led you through a magical world of adventures, quests, battles and lands that blew your mind away? Who first took you to the snowy wastes of Dun Morgh and up into Ironforge, a city that at the time boggled your brain?

Um.. I guess that was you Draigg?

I had reached mumbling response at this point.

So how do ya think I feel playing third string to a gnome that’d be nothing more than a snack for Bukowski and char who can’t make up his mind if he’s an elf, a cat or a bear?

Not great?

Not great is a start, but doesn’t quite cover it. We need some serious love, attention and action here cos right now we got none of that and we’re asking ourselves why we keep hanging round.

Well the conversation went on long into the night. It moved from telling accusations to reminiscinces of some great fun over the years. At the end of it all I wondered how an earth I had been so easily seduced away from the hunter’s path.

So me, Draigg and Bukowski are hitting the trail again – big time. We’re going to bust level 80 and start showing those BMs and SVs just what sort of a punch we MMs can pack in the instances and raids.

He did agree, though, that I could still make time to blog ……

You've been neglecting your readers man


Larísa said...

Welcome back to blogging! Looking forward to see more of your writing in the future!

Anonymous said...

Great return post!

Dragon's Den said...

Thanks guys ..much appreciated