Friday, 10 April 2009

Life's a beach

Well Larisa (Pink Pigtail Inn) has taken herself off to the sun and snow for a break. Me? I prefer something a little warmer to recharge the batteries so it's a Med island for me.

I asked Draigg if he fancied tagging along.

'Not me man ... I fancy a something a little less busy.'

So he and Bukowski are planning a camping trip along the wild sands of Tanaris and I guess they've earned it. After some intense days they're on the brink of 79.

So we'll all be back, refreshed and ready to hit the magical mark.

The thing is it'd be nice to ding 80 doing something really special. Must think that one over.

1 comment:

Misamane said...

Attention! You've been featured in my Honest Scrap post!

Looking forward to Draigg hitting 80!