Thursday, 9 April 2009

Why does a hunter need dual-spec?

To dual-spec or not to dual-spec: that is the question. Well at least it’s the one I asked Draigg.

I finally managed to catch up with him at the Legerdemain bar in Dalaran (great name for a bar btw – the word means ‘sleight of hand’) when he and Bukowski flew in for a break.

They had spent many hours on the trail and Draigg looked tired, grubby but elated as he had dinged 78. After questing through Sholazar – magnificent territory for a hunter – he had taken off while still 77 for the dark and brooding land of Icecrown.

‘Wasn’t that a tad ambitious Draigg?’

‘I like to live on the edge man.’

Over several jugs of beer I helped him catch up on the local gossip, particularly the rumours about the next expansion being either at Malestrom or beyond the Greymane Wall in Silverpine Forest where the Gilneas had locked themselves away from the Alliance.

Then it was down to business. I needed to know what he wanted to do about dual-spec. To be honest we’ve only just sorted out his talent tree for the first time since he arrived in Northrend.

It had degenerated into something of a mess after Outland. So we stripped out all his points, coughed up the 15 gold and gave him a 8/56/5 build (there’s more points to come of course).

I told him that after glancing at the popular MM specs out there no-one bothered with silencing shot these days and he was amazed, but I knew it was a key one for him so factored it in.

‘Puts a lot of fun into life for me.’

'How come?'

'Artistry man, artistry.'

He then went on to explain how pulling a caster from a mob without aggroing the rest was a thing of beauty.

‘You drop a freezing trap, fire off a silencing shot and let the pet grab the aggro as your target slows to a stroll through the white stuff. The caster’s mates haven’t a clue what’s going on and you finish him off.’


‘Yeh. MM is full of fun and tricks. The BM and SV guys just stand there and boom away at everything. No fun. No skill.'

‘Hmm that might upset a few people Draigg.’

His yellow eyes glowed as he just looked at me

‘So what about this duel-spec then. You want a BM or an SV tree?'

‘You’re not listening dude. We don’t need em.’

And with that he whistled Bukowski and they sauntered out.


ihlos said...

One really great benefit that alot of hunter's are unaware of is to have a DPS build and a Tanking/solo build.

Even a DPS BM build is skipping all the talents that can make a tenacity pet a tanking powerhouse for tanking 5 mans (And for the pros tanking raids), off tanking raids, and soloing old content.

Dragon's Den said...

Thanks for that and liked the info on your site.

Might actually take a closer look when the dual-spec time - or possibly try it on one of my upcomng hunters

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