Monday, 6 April 2009

'What d'you mean I got to pay to fly again?'

What would be your reaction if the following happened:

You learned to drive and in your moment of great joy went along to the local garage to buy your first car. Up until now you’ve just bought shoes for walking, but now travelling is taking on a whole new experience.

You look at the cars, pick your favourite colour, pay out your hard-earned dosh and off you go. Now you can get around everywhere much quicker already thinking about the day you can upgrade to something that’s got a little more woosh under the bonnet.

Then comes the moment you have to leave town, move on. Someone’s told you about some exciting places you’ve never been to before. But then when you arrive: disaster.

The man at the barrier looks at you in your car and says:

‘Sorry buddy, you can’t drive that thing in here just yet.’

‘What? But I worked hard to buy this. What’s the deal?’

‘Rules buddy. You gotta wait seven years before you can drive again... and the real bad news is you also have to pay a grand to be allowed to drive it again.'


So what’s the deal with this Cold Weather Mount stuff?

We has a flying mount, used it with great glee then arrive in Northrend and we’re grounded.


Still Draigg’s a happy bunny. He’s dinged 77 at great speed and is now gadding around the place on his flying carpet with glee.

‘Style man, you gotta have style’

That was his parting shot as he floated away from Dalaran – heading for Sholazar basin.

He later sent me a snap. Seems like he's building his own army now.


Misamane said...

I agree that 1k gold is a bit pricey to do something I knew how to do 7 levels ago, but i do like the idea that you have to be 77 to learn Cold-Weather Flying.

After trekking through Northrend, once I got flying, I thought about how much stuff I'd have missed by flying over it all.

Now, perhaps they could make it cheaper, or maybe move the level req up to 78 and make it free...IDK...but any way they wind up doing it, I'll still consider it a good thing.


Dragon's Den said...

I have to agree with you about trekking round and seeing places Misa - it would have been a great shame to miss some of the awesome scenery ..

... it's just having to play to fly again seems a bit tight