Wednesday, 15 October 2008

We have THE mount for Lich King

Well here it finally is. The grind is over and I have THE mount on which to enter Northrend.

It’s just a shame I can’t have my frostsaber pet, Bukowski, walking alongside me like mounted hunters could do with their pets once upon a long time ago.

Was the haul worth it? Most definitely. It was meticulously planned, targeting so many quest runs each day to wrap it all up in good time.

Will I regret never having to spend frustrating ages trying to get chillwind meat? Nope.

Will I go back to Winterspring? Most definitely, it’s one of my favourite places and with my shadow priest having dinged 55 last night, he’s set to put on his snowshoes and head up through the Timbermaw tunnel from Felwood.

Meanwhile Wintersaber mount. Happy days.

1 comment:

Larísa said...

Oh grats! I'm a little bit envious, as you probably know. But you definitly deserve it. You made a goal and went for it. Well done!

And I agree it fits well into Northrend!