Monday, 6 October 2008

No fear

So what do you do on a Sunday afternoon when the Atlantic appears to have been sucked up into the clouds and is being dumped all over your village and there’s nothing cracking off in the guild?

Some of us had planned to gather together later to finish off those group quests in Netherstorm which had been languishing at the bottom of our quest sack for months (and great fun it was).

Well the answer for me was to scrimmage among my alts, dust off my level 23 lock and have a play. I suggest pukka locks read no further than the end of this sentence.

I only created him, pink beard and all, to see how un-evil (I know its not a proper word) I could get a lock to look and Mrs Draigg thinks he’s really cute. Job done eh?

So I took him off to Wetlands then stared at the multitude of coloured buttons and symbols on my screen and wondered what the dickens I was supposed to do with them all.

I eventually got into a rhythm and was having fun taking apart the Mosshide tribe. Two at a time was no problem when called for, but one pull brought three into play, which was a tad against the odds.

‘Hey I know, the fear button.’

I duly hit it and one went scampering manically off into the distance and me and my void continued dealing with the other two. Everything was going hunky dory until the feared one brought four mates back ….

Eventually I took Bigglez up four and a half levels in the spell and it proved that you don’t need to be swanning around with a level 70 to enjoy Wow.

The game is still fun at whatever level you play.

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