Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Death Knight Game

The Lich King Lull is now beginning to evolve into a spirit of high anticipation in Wowland. There’s just something in the air. Like those glorious early mornings in late summer when you just catch a scent of Autumn.

One of the things marking this shift is the Death Knight Game. It’s starting to creep into Blogland.

Questions roll out like:

Will you create one?
Will it be the first thing you do?
What race will you have?
What name will you choose?

Well for a kick off how can anyone take a gnome Death Knight seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I have a gnome mage, but a hero class Death Knight? Nope – can’t compute that one.

The question for me isn’t ‘am I going to create a death knight?’ – but ‘when am I going to create a death knight?’

As soon as I get WotLK out of the box is the answer of course. Whether I start him straight away is another matter entirely.

I remember a while back several of the EU servers crashed all at the same time one evening and I managed to create a level 1 char on another server – along with loads of other people. It was crazy.

There were hundreds of toons running round in Northshire Valley killing wolves, which couldn’t spawn fast enough to satisfy the manic demand. So some bright spark suggested that all the level ones got together and go gank Hogger. There was something like 50 of us – and we failed! There was carnage. but it was huge fun.

Anyway, that’s what I envisage the death knight starting point will be like on day one. Teeming with toons. So I’ll probably bide my time and go-a-hunting for quests and mobs in Northrend.

But what about my death knight name? Well I thought of one and created a level 1 char to bag it. Being a very big fan of comedian Eddie Izzard, I wanted a death knight called Izzard. But that was already taken. I vaguely wondered about Deafnight ….

Given the nature of Lich King I then searched for a name that imbued a feeling of icy awesomeness, but names like arête, glacier, serrac and so on were also taken.

I eventually bagged Chamonix and tucked the char away ready to switch the name to my death knight. Then out of the blue came a moment of inspiration.

Its root is in one of Izzard’s wonderful surreal sketches which – like a lot of his stuff – cracks me up no matter how many times I’ve watched it.

Now DeathorCake is waiting to enter the WotLK arena.

Meanwhile for Izzard fans I’ve put a link up over on the right there to my favourite routine of his, Star Wars Canteen. Enjoy.

Editor’s note: We realise the humour of the name and video clip may be lost on some (or probably most) of you, but then it is a subjective issue.


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