Friday, 3 October 2008

Alt-ernative view

I have to confess to being multi-dimensional when it comes to Wow and certainly confound that much peddled theory (usually by the female of our species) that men are incapable of multi-tasking!

The first char I rolled was Draiggoch, about three years ago. I can’t remember why I picked a hunter, I probably just liked the idea of having a pet at my heels. I also can’t remember why I opted for MM spec, but that’s another story.

After Draigg was up and running I then started looking at all the other options out there and confess I have tried out every class up to at least level 20 and most of them to 30.

The odd thing is that at about the mid-30s I was really struggling with my druid Cadmus and was going to scrap him, but Mrs Draigg persuaded me otherwise.

The upshot is that he runs my hunter very close in the favouritism stakes, is a mean tank (18k health and just under 30k armour) and is awesome and versatile fun.

Third up is Frazzle, my mage and so called because he was a fire mage. I respecced to frost in the high level 50s (just before questing in Winterspring – how smart was that!). Now he's 70 and I like frost! Then there’s Bowjanlges, a level 50 something shadow priest ….. and so it goes on.

I can’t help myself. However what it does do, of course, is give you some insight into the basic capabilities of the team around you when leading in instances and raids.

Knowing their strengths and weaknesses at various points is nice knowledge to have up your sleeve, especially when things are on the edge of getting a tad out of control.

I know, I know, you want to know my least favourite. Well I’m afraid it has got to be the paladin. I took one all the way to level 35 before finally giving up the ghost. Boring or what.

I can’t quite get on with locks either. Maybe it’s some to do with the whip-cracking, thigh-slapping tart that puts me off my game.

Meanwhile I rather suspect the psychology of why we gravitate to a particular type of char would be quite an interesting exercise to carry out.

STOP PRESS: Thanks to Larisa for this prompt:

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Parttime Druid made a wonderful post about the psychology when you pick classes.

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