Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Snow, falling downstairs and nerfed hunters

Where have you been, you may ask? Well my mum fell downstairs and fractured her back so I’ve been chasing backwards and forwards to hospital over a hundred miles away.

Then she came to stay at our place as part of her recovery before going home. I was then walloped by flu – not the ‘man stuff’, but the real McCoy and where’s a healer when you need one? – which put me off the planet for a week.

So the blog has understandably taken a back seat. Still everything is virtually back to normal (if you call being snowed in at home for the first time in 20 years normal!).

This is just to tip the hat and let you know I’m back in circulation for there’s much that has cracked off in the hunting community.

The BMs have been nerfed and many evacuated to an SV build – and then Blizz has held up its hand and admitted it was a nerf to far.

Meanwhile we MMs stand back - further than most cause of our ranged ability


.. and just shake our heads at it all.

Back with evaluation on this stuff soon.


*vlad* said...

About time BM Hunters got nerfed. I'm sick of seeing them at the top of the damage meters, raid after raid, and the bonus is, I don't have flappy snakes blocking my screen all the time any more, either! Win-win.

Kally of CotE said...

Well, speaking as one of the nerfed BMs, I tried SV, didn't like it, so respecced back to BM. And I still do well on damage meters.