Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The druid that became a warrior

A POST from Part Time Druid has struck an interesting chord.

He’s sort of ‘come out’ in Wow terms by owning up to the fact that the druid is no longer his main char.

It seems his warrior has been elevated to that role, but, he says, his blog is established and he will continue to plough this new furrow. I suppose in a sense the name of his blog still stands!

All power to him, but it does raise an interesting question. Can you jump ship mid-stream in the blog world and retain an audience?

I ask it because the observant among you will notice that though this is vaguely a hunter’s blog – and Draigg was my first ever and still favourite char – he is not yet level 80 and, indeed, from my char list alongside you will notice that my druid, Cadmus, and mage, Frazzle are level 80s.

That’s primarily down to guild needs – Cadmus is the GM of Cote (why isn’t Draigg, I hear you ask. It’s a complicated story – so don’t ask!) and I popped Frazz along to 80 because we didn’t at the time have another high-level mage.

But then this never set out to be a pigeon-holed blog and since Day 1 has touched on a variety of issues, not all hunter-related. So that begs another question?

Do such blogs have a viable audience?

There are some great hunter blogs out there that will crunch numbers, serve up tactics and deal with raid issues far better than I ever will, but hopefully there is space in blogworld for a more scatter-gun approach to Wow issues. Pink Pigtail Inn is an ideal case in point.

There is clearly a need for the theorycrafter and class-serious blogs, but the blogs, thankfully, also mirror RL by tapping into the wider in-game issues.

Like running Wintergrasp for the first time and not having a clue what’s going on … but that’s a story for another day.

NOTE: Also we’re finally back on stream for some regular posts after the disruption of the past few weeks – that’s assuming anyone is left out there reading this stuff.

If not, well it’s fun writing it.


Larísa said...

Haha, a scatter-gun approach! Yeah, I guess you could call my lack of focus that. I think there definitely are place for more blogs like that. I've never bought the idea that a blog needs to be narrow and very specific. I read blogs written in a manner that I like, and if you look at my blogroll you'll see that they're all very, very different from each other.

Dragon's Den said...

Very true Larisa - I certainly enjoy your breadth of subject matter and you've introduced me to some entertaining bloggers out there

PTD said...

What happened with me was I thought of the title of my blog (which I think is pretty good!) before I realized what I'd really want to write about. To be sure, there are many posts on my blog dealing specifically with druid issues, but just as many posts focus on WoW in a more general sense.

Heck, some of my best posts had nothing to do with playing a druid at all!

And there is most definitely a place for more general WoW blogs. I prefer them to class-centric blogs, for the most part. Just look at BBB or Tobold. They're doing just fine!