Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Bathing parrots and eating cake

THERE are days when I’m extremely grateful for our happy little guild of which I have the privilege of being GM. Today is one of them.

Commanders of the Earth poodles along, having fun, helping each other out and running heroics and raids. Dang it even on New Year’s Eve we had a mixed group of between level 70s and 80s clearing Kara.

No big deal, you say.

Did I forget to mention we did it wearing festive costumes? Ah well.

So there you have it. We are a casual, have just started making inroads into 10-man Naxx but most of all we’re friendly and enjoy ourselves.

No pressure.

So why am I particularly grateful today?

Well yet again another of those hardcore outfits has covered itself in cra@p for bad attitude. The player Evilgai - now formerly of Instability was running a random pug in a dungeon and when it looked like they might complete it other guild members came calling asking to be let into the team to grab the loot at the expense of the randoms.

Needless to say they were told where to go, they then quit the guild and when the GM was next on line he reinstated them and kicked Evilgai!. You can read more at

You want to join a guild like that?

Me neither.

So it makes you wonder how these types of guilds would cope with some of the interruptions we have during dungeons and raid runs as members apologise and hit the /brb key.

The following examples are absolutely true:

Can we take a break I’ve got to take the dog for
a walk

Sorry, I have to be away for a few minutes mum says I’ve got
to bath the parrot

/brb – just got to put the bin

I have to go, mum’s just baked a chocolate cake, back in a

Then there was run of alts to Nexus. The lock had to drop out just as we were about to start. We replaced them.

They came back online 15 minutes later and explained that they had needed to go to the loo, had run out of paper and had to rush out an buy some!

Was there any chance he could drop back into the team?

Fortunately his replacement was having to juggle with the run while helping his girlfriend who wasn’t well so he dropped out and the lock was back in.

Oh – and did I mention the time last week when we wiped in a five-man cos the healer was having to urgently texting his girlfriend? He still hasn’t lived that one down.

Guildies? Love ‘em!

How could you not.


Esdras said...

It beggers belief sometimes i think.

Some players in the higher guilds have no integrity as is shown by what happened in your thread.

I would rather have fun in a pug and meet new people than get my guildies more epix for the sake of it.

Larísa said...

Yesterday in our first Naxx 25 man raid one of our members had to leave early urgently.

I thought his explanation for his leaving that he gave on the guild forum today was so sweet - it turned out his mother had got the flu. She had called him from downstairs, wanting him to come down and make tea for her and generally attend to her. So he left to take care about his poor mother! Everyone was very understanding and wished they'd get that caring children one day.

I must add though that he was replaced during the raid. It was heavily overbooked anyway, so there was no lack of replacements.

Drazmor said...

Hell, we once had a guildie who annoyed the whole guild for days with a secret, that anyone who asked, he told them he would tell them when they were old enough, even though he's one of the youngest people in the guild. It ended up the big secret was he discovered a certain spot to tickle his girlfriend!

Guildies are the biggest bonus of being in a casual guild.

Syrana said...

Sounds kinda familiar... :D