Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Waiting for the King

So we in Wowland have hit the Great Lull.

As I trawl through some of the blog world and chat to others online it seems we’re all waiting - breath held - for the arrival of the Lich King.

Of course the Beta-boomers are busy thrashing away on our behalf, continually getting bounced off line (BigRedKitty has some eye-watering anecdotes on this front) and helping iron out all the glitches

/bow to them

Personally though I’d rather wait until it comes online for real and I can then dash off to play in a bright, new shiny world.

Meanwhile what to do? Our guild has cleared Kara several times now and poked our nose into ZA, but it seems everyone’s got the fidgets and can’t really get stuck into anything.

So I’ve taken off on a rep chase to pass away some time. After all, if we’re going off to the chill of Northrend in November what better mount to have than a Wintersaber. Especially since we can’t use our flying mounts for seven levels.

Of course the quest chain for this is arduous and, frankly, not very entertaining. You kill bears and chillwinds for their meat, blast Winterfall Ursas and Shamans into next year and finish off on the giant Frostmaul elites (if you’ve managed to get honoured and grabbed that quest as well).

Then it’s just grinding out these three quests for 32xp. Still the rugged leather and green items make it worthwhile at the AH and I even had a ‘purple’ axe drop which will eventually do very nicely for my Shaman, Santanna, currently bobbling along at lvl 25.

However, I try not to ruin things for the level 50s questing in the area and will make myself scarce if necessary – though one Draeni was more than happy for my intervention. He was being chased across the snowy wastes by six frostsaber huntresses snapping at his tail.

To take the tedium out of it, I’ve worked out that about a thousand rep a day is enough to grab the mount in time for WotLK and then I can enter Northrend in majestic style.

Occupying our time in the Great Lull is certainly calling for some lateral thinking.

Meanwhile a picture of me and Bukowski taking a breather in Winterspring

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Teths said...

I definitely think some epic skiis need to be introduced in WOTLK at some point, and some rather attractive furry purples too.....oh hang on, is that some furry purples you are working on sitting in that snow ^ ^