Friday, 26 September 2008

Magical Noob Moments

We’ve all had them. The queston is: what do we learn?

While rep questing in Winterspring I’m currently spending some quest downtime in Darnassus and while lugging bags full of rugged leather to the AH I was whispered by a level 10 hunter who was frantic with worry.

“How do I feed my pet?”

“You give him some meat.”

“How do you do that?”

“Click on the food and click on the Feed Pet symbol. It’s in your spellbook.”

“My what?”

And so followed a short lesson on some very basic basics for the guy.

However, my seriously off-the-wall Noob Moment came late in life. At level 70 in fact. Honestly. No I still can’t believe it either. So there we are gathered in Gruuls facing the handsome four.

Raid leader: “Draigg, MD Blindeye to Roth please.”

Me (in my brain): “MD? What’s that?”

Everything goes off and my MD target is causing carnage in places where he shouldn’t be. A frantic whisper to a hunter buddy on the raid and I realised I’d never come across misdirect let alone learn it from my trainer.

Raid leader: "Draigg?”

Me: “Sorry, got a problem with that just now.”

I know, I know - economical with the truth there, but the raid leader can get a tad tetchy sometimes and I was having enough trouble coming to terms with such a screw-up, let alone allowing him to join in the castigation.

Another hunter picked up the role and guess where I took my highly embarrassed self off to as soon as we had finished? Yup, the trainer.

It's almost as good as - but not quite - when I first got flight form on my druid. Jumping off high places and then hitting the flight form button during the 'death dive' is a way of celebrating (apparently). Unfortunately I hit the cat shape shift button. Very messy and someone in our guild then created a char called Splatcat. It's still on the rosta. Hmm.

So back to my original question: what do we learn? Well hopefully to treat others caught in Magical Noob Moments with a little understanding because we've all had them - haven't we?

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Larísa said...

Wonderful examples. Like a coincidence I've written a post about major mistakes, coming up next week. I never get enough of reading about those...